Certified IPv6 Network Engineer (CNE6) Level 2

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Course Details

When CIOs make firm decisions to deploy IPV6, the process is farily straightforward. Staff will need to be trained, management tools will need to be enhances, routers and operating systems will need to be enchanced, routers and operating systems will need to be updated, and IPv6-enabled versions of applications will need to be deployed. All these steps will take time-in many cases mutiple years. IPv4 will not be sustainable from the central pool beyond this decade, so organizations would be wise to start the process of planning for an IPv6 deployment now. those who delay may find that the IANA pool for IPv4 has run dry before they have completed their move to IPv6.

About This Course

The CNE6 course is recognized worldwide as a premium IPV6 Network Certification by IPv6 Forum. The concepts, commands and advance configuration required to designs and implements large network are discussed in detail. You will learn to: • Plan and manage the migration of your network to IPV6

  • Implementing new netwrking software and devices to support IPV6
  • Installing & configuring asociated network services such as DNS and routing protocols
  • Update and configure common networking applications such as emails and web server
  • Configure routers and dual stack


  • A good knowledge of general networking concepts is assumed. Certified Network Engineer(CNE6) Level 1 is necessary.
  • All participants are required to bring a laptop


Objective/What you will learn? Instuctor – Led Training: Set in an interactive classroom enviroment, the instructor will introduce concepts and guide students with detailed explainations and intersting examples to meet the student’s expectation and requirements and at the same time keep the students engaged.

Hands – On Lab : Step by step hand – on labs with detailed instructions and guide are provided to reinforce all key concept. It allows the students to reinforce concepts by performing the tasks they have just learned.

Objective / What you will learn?

Level 2 is designed to provide a more in-depth knowledge of IPv6 implementation, looking at securing and managing IPv6 systems.

Who Should Attend?

CNE6 is ideal for networking administrators, network support personnel, network designers, networking consultants, IT managers and directors.

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