About Us

Each Edify company functions independently in whichever country they are incorporated in every “country manager” has significant experience in the training industry. All companies cooperate and are represented conclusion sample research paper by an executive management team. Investments made locally and throughout APJC coorporate with each other.

Public training programs On-Site training at customer’s location

We conduct training in broad range of languages, such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese.

Content development & customization

Edify is experienced in developing customised content to meet customer or partner requirements, such as:

  • Individual workshops & coaching
  • Boot camps for focused education
  • Multi-vendor offerings & experience
  • Sales & Account manager workshops

Multi-Modal Delivery Solutions

  • Instructor-Led Virtual informative speech topics for college Classrooms (via webex, telepresence or classroom)
    • Real-time communications and feedback
    • Overcomes language/cultural differences
  • E-Learning
    • Allows own pacing and progress
    • Flexibility in scheduling